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Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 8 (First day of riding!!)

Officially started the first day of my motorcycle trip, picked up the bikes from Selena at BikeEscape, great equipment, very helpful staff and only made fun of Rick and I for asking to connect a power outlet for our heated clothes. Selena also warned us about driving on the wrong side of the road, we assured her there were no worries.

A little background for you, Rick and I ride are used to riding a lot, a Sunday morning ride can easily be 200 mi and be done before lunch, so when we got the itinerary from Mark at BikeRoundOz, at first we thought we would be bored. Usually the only sightseeing we do is while riding, the gentleman who set this up explained that the riding here is a little different than in the states, first of all, if is says the speed limit is 60K, they mean that, cameras are everywhere. We also found out that they are serious about drinking and driving, we came up to a road block and everyone was doing a breathalyzer, we took off our helmets and talked to the cop, mind you, this is a 4PM on a Monday afternoon, talk about a laid back country, they don’t do this because they never catch any one!!  Anyway after bailing out Rick, we continued on our way.

We went to Echo Point and saw the Three Sisters’ rock formation as well as taking on the Giant Stairway, we thought how difficult could it be, real difficult it turns out, while I got some pictures, this really doesn’t do it justice, once again another beautiful day. Here's my first "creative" video of Three Sisters and Jamison Valley.

So we rolled into Windsor around dark, found our hotel and unpacked. After cleaning up we decided to see what we could get into. We walked a few blocks over to the local pub and grabbed a beer, pretty dead place with 2 locals, the bartender and us. We enjoyed the beer but it looked to be an early night. Well after the 1st beer going down so easily, we decided to partake in another, once that started a crew started hauling in the  gear, an upright bass, guitars, ukuleles, speakers, etc, looks like even a boring Monday night in sleepy Windsor, had potential. Turns out this was open mic night and everybody in town (I think) can sing, we were treated to a concert and camaraderie the whole evening. Some were great while others were OK, but all had the balls to get up there. I did record a few of the better acts but all are too big to post without editing.

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